About US

Girls Supporting Girls was started in 2013 by three Chicago women hoping to improve the prospects for at-risk girls in developing countries and inspire our own children to be agents of change.

GSG believes that educated girls can change the world. We work to erase gender barriers in education by running local after-school programs and funding international school construction projects.

Why Girls?

Did you know that there are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school around the world? The benefits of changing that are undeniable:

Why the developing world?

For people living in developing countries, education is the key to a better life, and its effects span generations.

Boys and girls, together

Boys and Girl Together
Boys and Girls Together

While our primary goal is to help girls, the schools we raise money to build are co-ed and our events and programs are geared to both boys and girls. We believe that strong female role models of every age help erase gender stereotypes and lay the groundwork for long-lasting equality.

What We Do

Chicago After-School Programs

Chicago After School Programs

GSG runs after-school programs in Chicago to teach children about their peers around the globe and empower them to help other kids get an education. Our programs are fun and educational, providing participants an opportunity to flex their muscles as leaders both within their local communities and the world. Kids engage in team-building exercises that provide them with a new perspective on the world, teach tolerance, and set the foundation for a lifelong commitment to service.

Contact us to learn more or bring a program to your child’s school.

International school building

GSG partners with international organizations such as buildOn, which works with local communities in developing countries to build schools where students don’t have access to education.


By intervening early in the lives of children to provide educational opportunities, the socioeconomic conditions of families, communities and even countries are greatly improved. We hope to break the cycle of poverty, one educated child at a time.

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GSG hosts educational and social events throughout the year. Family-oriented events include cultural performances and story times, and grown-ups can join us at readings, yoga classes and bar nights at venues throughout Chicago.